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Japan travel guide : Sapporo Nijo Market Kaisen don

So, I finally went to Hokkaido this year (YAY - I’ve been saving for a year omg). I went to Japan in July 2016, wanting to catch the One Piece Premier show at USJ (Totally worth it seriously, all One Piece fans should go if you know Japanese, although I'm certain you will still enjoy it even if you don't).

As we went to Japan in July, it was freaking hot (I hate summer), I couldn't stop sweating and was suffering from mild dehydrated (starting to feel giddy, headaches etc). People, if you travel in summer, please please keep cool and remember to drink lots of water, apply sunblock, bring caps and umbrellas as well.

To escape the heat, we squeezed in a 6-7 day Hokkaido trip this time. BEST DECISION MADE. It was way cooler in Japan and the food was so damn good (good cheesecake, good milk ice cream, good ramen, good milk, good melon, good seafood).


Alright, I went to the Nijo market in Hokkaido cos I wanted to eat kaisen don and wanted to walk around the markets (I didn't have much time to walk around at Nijo Market cos I had to get to the airport to fly back to Osaka in like 2 hours time or smthg), but I had a greatly satisfying meal to end the Hokkaido leg of my trip.

Find out more about Nijo market here.

The shop name is Ohiso (大磯), I walked there from my hotel and it took about 20 minutes or more.

Here's the English menu.

I ordered the small Uni, Kani, Ikura and Salmon don (2,880 yen), I added a hotate for 500 yen). You can also add prawn for 500 yen.

A photo of the don with my hand for comparison. My hand is about the size of an Iphone 6, just in case you guys are wondering. The shop staff will show you plastic models of the sizes before you order, so you can order the regular bowl if you are a big-eater. As I went in summer, I did not have much appetite. more of fatigue but I still really wanted to eat the don. All I can say is, Hokkaido seafood is so fresh and as the bowl is deep, it is surprisingly filling. It might not be considered cheap especially if you are on a budget but I think an occasional splurge is fine.

Comes with miso soup.  All I can say is, it definitely is worth the money. The seafood is fresh and they are generous with their seafood. The seafood that I ate in this trip are the sweetest and freshest I have ever tasted. It probably will cost like 3 times or more in Singapore and the quality wouldn't even be as good.

One last pic, cos it's so good. I can't wait to go Hokkaido again!

Find out more about Nijo market here.

The shop's website here.

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