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Delicious ramen in Tokyo

I guess most of us love ramen. While there are many choices - ichiran, ippudo, rokurinsha etc...

The one in Ikebukuro - Mutekiya is absolutely delicious, if you love thick chashu and tonkotsu soup base, this is the place to go. Plus the fact that it is affordable - 1,050 yen?

More info here.

Coupon here (free 1/2 ajitama - ramen egg).

The good thing about mutekiya is that it opens till like 4am, so you can always go for late dinner after all your shopping since shops close so early (imo). The downside will be that there is always a long queue cos everyone thinks the same T^T. We visited close to 10pm and there was a long queue omg.

No regrets queuing tho. The chashu was so thick with the right amount of fats. The noodles are thick and springy, just the way I like it. Fans of thin noodles will probably prefer Ichiran noodles but I think the soup base here is way thicker and more delicious than ichiran (my opinion), but ichiran is delicious in its own way too. If you prefer thin noodles and lighter soup base, I doubt you will like this. However, if you are a fan of tonkotsu, then you have to try this.

We ordered the gyoza to share as well and it was pretty good as well.

Shop name: Mutekiya

Address: Japan, 〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima, 南池袋1丁目17-1

Operating hours: 10am - 4am

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