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Forget about Pablo, try Kobe Kannonya Cheesecake instead

I guess many have heard about Pablo cheesetarts, the rare cheesetarts are my fav and I would always get one when I visit Japan, but in my recent trip to Japan this year. I found something better and it seems it is not as hyped or known like Pablo.

I ordered the Denmark Cheesecake set (just realised I didn't take photos of the cake properly, took vids instead) and I can't remember the price but it should be 1,200 yen-ish?

I bought it back for my friend and here's the photos. So what is special about this cheesecake is that there is two layers, a baked cheesecake as the base and the gooey cheese (which is so melty and stringy and yummy when heated).

Must eat for any cheesecake lovers

You get them take-out or eat-in. It is probably about 500 yen for one cheesecake if you buy in those take-out stores. I went to the outlet at motomachi shopping street and got the cheesecake from the store at Osaka station to bring back home.

While Pablo is nice, this is a whole new different taste~ try this!

More info here

There is an outlet at Harbourland Mosaic Shopping mall as well.

Shop name: 観音屋

Address: 3 Chome-9-23 Motomachidori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0022, Japan

Opening Hours : 11am- 10pm

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