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Japan travel tips: Free breakfast with every drink purchase @ Komed'as coffee

Originating from Nagoya, Komeda’s coffee is a restaurant chain with outlets now in other cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. I have always passed by their Osaka Namba branch located at the first level of Namba City and has never thought about trying it, until this trip.

This trip we went to Nagoya and I found out that they have a local specialty called ogura toast (red bean paste with toast) and decided to try it. While researching the places that serve this toast, I came across Komeda’s coffee, which has a breakfast promotion - order
any drink and get a breakfast set free. Tempting right?

What’s even better is that Komeda’s coffee offers not one but three breakfast set which you can choose from. 1. Toast with hard boiled egg. 2. Toast with red bean paste 3. Toast with egg salad. Look at their menu here (in English).

I must say that after trying all three, the egg salad and the red bean paste are my fav. In addition, the toast that they serve are thicker than your usual toast and softer (what kind of sorcery is this, Japan?!), and are perfectly toasted and come with generous amount of melted butter.

Can't remember what this dish is but it's good too!

You can get breakfast for less than 500 yen which is about 6 sgd/ 4+ usd? (together with coffee!) which is great for all coffee lovers I guess? My friend who is a coffee lover likes Komeda’s coffee, while the rest of us who don’t drink coffee prefer their hot chocolate or milkshakes. Oh, Komeda's coffee also serve juice, milk and tea.

Komeda’s coffee also serves other dishes such as beef stew and ebi Katsu sandwich (fried shrimp cutlet sandwich) which is a must try!

If you are a coffee lover, why not head down to Komeda’s coffee and have some free breakfast along with your daily coffee?

Find out more about Komeda's coffee here

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